Projects & Portfolio

Click the logos below to go visit each of my active projects:

My core personal project – network home for all of my personal projects. I use this as a platform from where I initiate all of my projects.
This podcast is sponsored by YidBrik and hosted by Anchor FM by Spotify and discusses Kabbalah & Chassidus. What is that? Tune in to find out! This podcast is updated weekly.
YidBrik is the home of my doctoral dissertation and my hub for all of my theological and semiotic work. I have an active article blogroll, list of online resources, and I offer speaking & writing engagements. I specialise in Jewish-Christian Relations, Leadership & Coaching, Meditation & Mindfulness, Semiotics (Symbolism & Metaphor – bringing texts to life), and Spiritual Practices. I also personally offer additional topics.
I co-host this podcast with Dr. Terry Rankin. We delve into theology, clashing signs, and current events (such as those pesky headlines). This podcast has a season-based release.
I designed, maintain, and deploy the Portland Eruv website. In addition, I also designed the logo and flyers as well as maintain the Portland Eruv social media presence.
I provide professional assistance and advice to Oregon Kosher on their website and social media presence.
I partner Libi East to provide professional assistance and advice on their website and social media presence.