I teach along the way – like a mentor – so you can keep your momentum.

Education isn’t limited to secondary school, post-secondary school, and graduate school. There is always room for continued education, community learning, and professional development. In reality, education truly never ends – we are always learning from our experiences.

Choose an educator that has the credentials and skills you need. Look at their education and experience. There’s a common saying that “who you hang out with is who you become.” Another rendition of it is “guilty by association” or “one is judged by the company they keep.” While it doesn’t always seem fair, history and sociology shows us the saying holds true.

Choose an educator who will advocate for and coach you regardless of the contract. Choose an educator who is holistic and will help you create a harmony in your life load. Choose an educator who is intelligent, tenacious, and dedicated.
Choose to work with me.

I specialize in both Storytelling and Theology. It is from these two fields that all other fields originate.

So, what can I do for you?